During my time with LifeLine one of the most common concerns people would call about were Relationships. People enter into a relationship with the best intensions to love and care for each other while sharing the most intimate parts of their lives. Love comes so easy and naturally at the start of relationship and everything seems to be just fine. Then "life happens" with its challenges and tough times and if we don’t learn to properly communicate our feelings and thoughts with each other that’s when the problems often begin. People don’t know how to express themselves without telling their partner what to do or blaming one another. And as you would know by now it does not bring either of you closer to what you want.

It's not a secret that international marriages are under additional pressure. Language barrier, differencies in mentality, beliefs, values and culture can make relationships suffer.

Conflict resolution is never easy especially when you’re so close to that person. Together we will have a look at your communication style, at the reasons of your conflict and think about the best ways of clearing the air between you and another person involved.

If you think that the time has come you can book your consultation over the phone, via email or by filling in the Contact Form on the website. There are more details about it at the Contact page.