Depression, anxiety and stress stem from work or family pressures. There is a wide range of concerns that you may have in life and a professional counselling session can help you work through them. The concerns you have are as individual as you yourself are and there is no single answer to them all.

When you meet with me you can express your feelings, emotions, thoughts without being judged for them or being told that you are wrong.

  • You will learn to understand yourself and your emotions better and it will surprisingly empower you to make the necessary changes in your life.
  • You will be able to set up clear goals and start making small and achievable steps to overcome your most important concerns.
  • You will start on the journey towards a happier life, whether this is a personal, family or work life.

Depression Counselling

There is so much information out there about depression and yet it is still something that so many people struggle in silence with. "Depressed? Me? Why would I be? I have a family, I have children, I have a job, there is no reason I should have depression. So that means I am a weak person and all I need to do is just to pull myself together and shrug it off." As if you would not have done it already if it were that simple. If you are tired of feeling that way you can talk to me and openly discuss what, why and how you are doing in your everyday life. As long as you are open and honest with yourself we will then start finding your answers and make the changes that you think will make you feel better.

Grief Counselling

People in grief often struggle to realise the length of time and different stages of grief they go through. In this modern world of media communication this is made even harder as your exposure to the outer world is so much bigger. You may wonder why others are able to share their emotions so openly. Or you can become more distressed as others seem to be able get over their loss and move on so quickly while you still feel sad and being left one on one with your grief.

Everybody’s grieving process is different and there is not only the sadness that people can feel when they have lost someone. There are different feelings that can surface, and anger, resentment are just some of them. But you may feel you cannot talk about it with anybody as people may think you are crazy. The feeling of grief and loss is not limited to grieving over a person. It can be anything. It can be your precious pet. Or you can suffer in silence that you cannot be a mother anymore. Or that you lost the ability to do what you loved to do. Together in a warm and understanding environment you can talk about your loss without feeling like you have to let it go or WHAT you SHOULD feel if you suffer a loss. You'll be telling YOUR story of grief.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety is quite an annoying condition. You’re worried about so many things, you cannot sleep properly and you are tired of all those thoughts spinning in your head. Similar to depression we look at what and how you are doing, where your worries and concerns are coming from and you learn new ways of coping with those tiring thoughts by gaining control over them.

If you think that the time has come you can book your consultation over the phone, via email or by filling in the Contact Form on the website. There are more details about it at the Contact page.