You could contact me on:

mobile 0439 838 259
  +61 439 838 259 if you call from outside Australia

If I am not in position to answer your call please leave your message or text me and I will contact you as soon as I can.


You could also fill in the Contact Form
It would be helpful if you give me a brief description of your situation and the questions you would like to talk about.

I provide online consultations after hours and on weekends 

Online consultation cost starts from 50 AUD/hour. We can discuss payment option once we make a contact.

For the people living outside Australia: we could have a significant time differ theence depending on the place where you live. Local time here is GMT +10 hours. To make it easier: if it is 12 noon in London, it's 22.00 (10 pm) here. We have no daylight saving. I used to provide consultations for those living in America, Denmark, France. Everything is possible!

You also have a possibility to ask me a short question without booking a consultation. I'll provide you with a brief answer that you might find useful. If the issue can't be resolved that easy you may decide to book a counselling session then.

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