Good psy is difficult to find, I guess you all know this already by now. I personally wasted quite some money on specialists with wise advises. Believe me, when you are deep down and hurting you cannot just "let your situation go" or "thank and forgive people who hurt you". But I kept trying as my life rolled really to hell. I found Liudmila on a psy site, I liked her face and she was my age. And that was my lucky choice. It is true that the definition of a good psy is very individual. But if you are looking for a specialist who would concentrate on your personal situation, patient, attentive to details, thinking together with you, full of tact - Liudmila matches this high level of demands fully. What is very important (and saves a lot of money in future!) she helps you to work out your individual way of getting out of your situation, so that you are able to handle your problems and to enjoy life in future.

All the period that we worked together to pull me out of my depression I also had the feeling that she really cares and even outside the sessions I could send her a few emails to share my black thoughts when I was really deep down. I am very thankful for that. She is a high level professional, although we spoke little about Freud :-)

Irina, 46, Belgium (depression, codependency)

During my life I’ve been getting the ideas about psychologists and psychoanalytics from the movies and the books. So I thought it was only those who had too much time on their hands would go and seek help of the "soul doctors". Or that it could be just a modern trend. I could never imagine what  you could possibly talk to a psychologist about let alone how they can help. If your body is suffering then you can see or feel the outcome of your doctor’s treatment, it’s kind of "real". But what if it’s your soul??

But it happened so that few years ago I found myself falling into a psychological abyss. I didn’t realise it straight away. It took me couple of years to figure out something was not quite right with me. Then I spent about a month trying to fight off a thought that I needed to talk to someone professional as I was telling myself: "I am not nuts, so why would I?"

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Julia, 35, Moscow (depression, panic attacks)

Hi my name is Gleb and I am 31 y.o. I would like to say that Liudmila helped me a lot when I was facing serious issues in my life and I am not quite sure I could cope without this support. She is an absolute professional who is able to listen to you carefully, analyse the root cause of the issue with mathematical precision and explain what you could think about to fix it with simple words. Not only she has got an enormous knowledge and experience in psychology she also has got valuable life experience that makes it very interesting just to talk to her about any subject. The moment I appreciate very much is that she picked up her phone and had a conversation with me late at night when I was really struggling and required emergency help - that literally saved me. I can assure that you can totally trust her like I do. Hope I will no longer seek help but if I do it will certainly be Ludmila to call to.

Gleb, 31, Australia (relationships crisis, panic attacks, anxiety)

I contacted Liudmila while I was in crisis. I was in relationships with a man who was a "mummy boy" and who wanted to assert himself in his life at my expense. The consultation with a specialist helped me to start believing in myself and make the right decision.
Liudmila is a clever and talented counsellor. Such a counsellor is hard to find. I have met psychologists in the past so I know what I am talking about.
We are currently working on some other aspects of my life but having one session in a few months time is enough while I used to have one each week.
The most positive moment for me is that the consultations help me to look at my situation from a different perspective.

Elisabeth, 30, Russia (relationships)

I'd like to use this opportunity to say a heartfelt THANKS to Liudmila for the support she has provided for me. In my young years I was facing dilemmas and problems I had to make decisions about. When you are young this support can be crucial as the decisions you make can affect your entire life. To make the right decision you need to listen to yourself and it takes great skills to teach a person how to do just that (this is my personal view). I was able to avoid lots of traps and escape my own demons due to Liudmila's deep understanding of a human nature and my struggle.

Don't be embarrassed if you need help. Sometimes there are not too many people we can talk to about sensitive matters. One mustn't venture into other's home with their own charter especially while you are building your own home.

All the best!

Azazello, 23, Russia (self-awareness, crisis situations)